Aaron Rodgers alongside Garrett Wilson East Rutherford, NJ August 26, 2023 — Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers after his TD pass to Garrett Wilson of the Jets in the first half. The NY Jets against the NY Giants on August 26, 2023 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, as the rivals play their final preseason game before the start of the NFL season.

The New York Jets had the course of their season changed drastically on Monday night when star quarterback Aaron Rodgers went down with a torn Achilles. And star wide receiver Garrett Wilson told the world that Rodgers had a heartbreaking message for him shortly after the injury at halftime.

Wilson was due for a breakout season going into 2023 with the acquisition of Rodgers. Unfortunately, we will not get to see how that would have played out this year.

The 2022 Offensive Rookie of the Year spoke about Rodgers and his injury during an appearance on the Bart and Hahn Show on ESPN Radio Tuesday, where he detailed that the injury “hurt his heart.”

“Yeah man, my heart hurts for Aaron (Rodgers),” said Wilson. “First off, just seeing last night and all the emotion that went into him going out there. And everything we put in this offseason. It sucks man because you make it through a whole offseason, he did everything the right way. It’s heartbreaking and I’m praying for him, man.”

Wilson then recounted what Rodgers specifically told him at halftime of Monday’s game.

“I told him I loved him and he told me ‘Sorry kid’ and that he loved me back.”

Wilson is among the top young players in all of football, and losing Rodgers at the quarterback position not only hurts the Jets, but also likely hurts his individual performance for the rest of the season.

That being said, Wilson did pull off one of the most amazing catches in recent memory in Monday’s game, snagging a one-handed touchdown catch over former All-Pro cornerback Tre’Davious White.

If he can continue to make plays like this, he could really help out Zach Wilson and hopefully keep the Jets as a contender in the AFC.

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