Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers Credit: The Pat McAfee Show

Aaron Rodgers isn’t a big fan of Keith Olbermann and vaccines. He had a chance to take shots at both on Friday.

Rodgers is currently recovering from a torn Achilles that he suffered Monday night in the New York Jets season opener.

Many critics took the opportunity as a chance to blast the former NFL MVP, who has developed a reputation for being anti-science and anti-vaccine due to his comments about COVID-19 and the vaccine to help treat it. Not to mention his many other comments about Joe Biden and associations with anti-vax crackpots like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

One of the people who took a jab at Rodger over his injury was Keith Olbermann. The former ESPN and MSNBC host took to X, formerly Twitter, to take s a shot at the quarterback.

“Another #SuddenLisfranc due to failure to vaccinate,” Olbermann posted on X, accompanied by six needle emojis. The former SportsCenter anchor also seemed to imply in another post that he wasn’t too upset that Rodgers got hurt.

Pat McAfee asked Rodgers about Olbermann’s comments during his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Friday.

“Get your fifth booster, Keith,” responded Rodgers, presumably poking fun at people who get vaccinated against COVID-19 for the latest outbreak.

He later yelled out that Olbermann was “a bum.”

[The Pat McAfee Show]

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