We’re less than 100 days left until the NFL regular season, and it’ll be here before we know it. With the year-round nature of the NFL, the spring and summer offseason can be almost as busy as the fall.

Mandatory minicamps are starting up, and unlike voluntary OTAs, players are required to attend or they could face fines. The Green Bay Packers have a minicamp starting on Tuesday and according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, starting quarterback and reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers will be attending. I know, it’s not “news” that someone is attending a mandatory minicamp, but anything Aaron Rodgers does generates interest from a lot of people, so give the people what they want. Even if it’s a story about the guy doing his job.

For those who have followed Rodgers’ offseason, he said on The Pat McAfee Show that he would be at the mandatory minicamp. Around the time of the NFL Draft, Rodgers remarked to McAfee, “I’ll be back there a few more days (in May) and then for the (June) minicamp. I’m excited to get back there and get things going. I’m going to put in the time to make it work with those guys and we’re going to find a way.”

Rodgers might’ve sat out in 2021 due to a contract issue and being frustrated with the team. In 2022, though, it seems like everything is hunky dory and he’s putting his nose to the grindstone.

[Tom Pelissero on Twitter; photo from Samantha Madar/USA Today Sports]

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