Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, head coach Matt LaFleur and quarterbacks coach Luke Getsy

Aaron Rodgers made headlines this week by calling out his young wide receivers. The Green Bay Packers are dealing with the departure of Davante Adams and, so far, it looks like the veteran quarterback and defending NFL MVP isn’t happy with some of the drops and bad routes he’s seen.

One person who seems to appreciate where Rodgers is coming from is Packers head coach Matt Lafleur, who praised the MVP for telling it like it is.

“Well I think it’s more of the silly mistakes that we need to get cleaned up,” LaFleur said in his press conference. “Like something as simple as checking with the official before the snap to make sure that we’re eligible. But yeah, I think there’s going to be growing pains, particularly with younger players.”

“And the thing is — and I appreciate this about Aaron — it’s just the urgency to get some of this stuff corrected. You can’t make the same mistake twice, not in this league. We don’t have time for it. That’s just enough time to get you beat. Certainly, he’s the ultimate competitor. And I think it’s good for these guys to feel that because we’ve got to make sure that they continue to show progress each and every day. It’ll be a good opportunity today to see how these young guys respond.”

In order for the Packers to make it back to the Super Bowl, they are definitely going to need their young wide receivers to catch up in a hurry.


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