Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers left Sunday’s game early with an injury, leaving some observers to ponder the potential historic nature of his injury.

While Aaron Rodgers started at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers Week 12’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, he did not finish it.

Rodgers was under constant pressure throughout the night. After leading Green Bay to a field goal late in the third quarter, Rodgers headed to the locker room.

When Green Bay’s offense took the field next, Jordan Love — not Rodgers — was under center. He quickly made his presence felt.

Rodgers was clearly dealing with injuries throughout the game. Furthermore, the Packers are 4-8. The New York Giants and Washington Commanders presently occupy the NFC’s final two playoff spots at 7-4 and 7-5, respectively. Both also have wins over the Packers. So, while Green Bay is mathematically alive, the playoffs don’t appear to be realistic.

Even with all of that, Rodgers may return to the field in Week 13 or at a later time. But it’s also possible that he won’t. And to that end, observers couldn’t help but note the potentially historic nature of this game.


At the time he left Sunday’s game, Rodgers was 11-for-16 for 140 yards passing with two touchdowns and two interceptions. He was also sacked three times.

When the Packers play their next game, Rodgers, whose birthday is on Friday, will be 39.

[Photo Credit: NBC]

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