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The saga between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers does not seem to be headed towards a happy ending. But in the meantime, Rodgers emerged in public this weekend at the Kentucky Derby to provide just a little bit of clarity about where he’s at while the franchise scrambles to figure out how it might be able to hold onto its MVP quarterback.

Rodgers is enjoying the horse races on Saturday along with fiancee Shailene Woodley and others, even posing for a photo in full-on Derby regalia.


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Rodgers certainly isn’t letting all that drama ruin his day, as he’s been seen wearing a “Turd Ferguson” nametag and cheering from the grandstand.

While Rodgers and his camp appear to be attempting to muscle their way out of Green Bay behind the scenes, he hasn’t made any public comments surrounding the drama. However, NBC’s Mike Tirico was able to speak with the QB off-camera and shared a little bit of insight, noting that Rodgers seemed “disappointed” that the spat has become public and a “chasm” exists between the two sides.

Of course, what Rodgers wants to put out publicly is likely a little different from what is going on behind the scenes are there are certainly a lot of NFL reporters working overtime to figure out the logistics.

ESPN reporter Rob Demovsky, who covers the Packers beat, laid it out that the odds of Rodgers returning to Green Bay this upcoming season are extremely slim.

Yahoo!’s Charles Robinson noted that if the Packers want any chance of keeping Rodgers, they might have to clean house in management, which seems unlikely. Robinson also reported that if the Packers aren’t able to appease Rodgers one way or another, he might hold our or possibly retire.

Meanwhile, for those feeling overwhelmed by all the rumors and conjecture, NFL reporter Benjamin Allbright laid it all out in a solid Twitter thread on how we got here.

How much of this is conjecture? How much of it is positioning by people on either side? And how much of it will really matter in the end if Rodgers already knows he wants out of Green Bay? These are the questions we’ll keep asking ourselves as the saga continues…

[Benjamin Allbright, NBC Sports]

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