Jeff Saturday Former Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday emcees the Colts Town Hall Meeting with their fans and season ticket holders at the Colts Complex Thursday, May 2, 2019. Colts Town Hall Meeting

While Jeff Saturday spent 13 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, he finished his career with one season in Green Bay, where he snapped the ball to quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Now that Saturday has made the shocking move from ESPN analyst to Colts head coach, Rodgers was asked what he thinks about the news about his former teammate.

When he wasn’t attempting to deflect blame for his poor game this past weekend, Rodgers was asked about Saturday’s quick rise to the head coaching ranks during his Tuesday appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

“I was very surprised, definitely,” said Rodgers. “It’s so rare that somebody whose…I think he was coaching high school, right? But definitely no NFL coaching experience, I believe? Is that right?”

McAfee then shared Jim Irsay’s comments about Saturday’s lack of NFL coaching experience, saying it’s a good thing.

“I mean, it’s different,” Rodgers continued. “I mean usually you just appoint somebody from the staff, right?”

Rodgers clearly seemed at a loss for words regarding the situation and McAfee prompted him further.

“I’m just surprised, it’s rare,” said Rodgers. “But, hopefully, it works out for them.”

We’re not entirely sure how Aaron made it weird but he did.

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