Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) on the turf after throwing a pass that was intercepted by New Orleans Saints cornerback Paulson Adebo (29) during early third quarter action. The New Orleans Saints hosted the the Green Bay Packers at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, FL Sunday, September 12, 2021 after the Saint's home game had to be move from New Orleans after Hurricane Ida hit the Louisiana coast. The Saints went into the half with a 17 to 3 lead over the Packers and walked away with a 38 to 3 win in their season opening home game away from home. Jki 091221 Saintsvspackers 11

Aaron Rodgers‘ toe has been at the center of a lot of discussions and speculations this past week.

After telling Pat McAfee on Tuesday that he’s had “no lingering effects [from getting COVID-19], other than the COVID toe,” he set in motion some inevitable events. First, he was taken at his word and Andrew Beaton of The Wall Street Journal wrote about the actual medical condition known as “COVID toe” (a casual reference for pernio or chilblains). That led Rodgers to show off his injured toe during a Zoom call, telling reporters that the injury is, in fact, a fractured toe. He then wrongly chastised Molly Knight for writing the COVID toe piece and then went on a rant about “disinformation.” No mention of the woke mob but we can assume they were involved too.

Sunday, during the Green Bay Packers win over the Los Angeles Rams, announcer Joe Buck had some fun at Rodgers’ expense, referring to the quarterback as Mr. Big Toe and then saying that it sounded like he had “immunized” his toe against pain, referencing Rodgers’ initial statement about getting vaccinated.

The toe didn’t seem to hamper Rodgers too much on the day as he threw two touchdown passes and ran for a third in the 36-28 victory. Rodgers hadn’t practiced all week, which made the performance that much more impressive.

However, there has been concern that the fracture would catch up with him sooner or later this season and he might need to consider surgery, which would put him out of action at a critical time for the Packers. According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, that’s not going to happen.

The Packers are in the midst of a. bye week, in which time Green Bay will be very hopeful that the injury will be healed. The Packers are in a fight for the top seed in the NFC playoffs and every game from here on out is critical.

There were plenty of reactions on Twitter to the news about Rodgers’ toe, some of which were critical assessments of the situation and some of which were just jokes about the way Rodgers has handled himself the last few weeks.

Fingers and toes are crossed in Wisconsin that the injury will heal and won’t prevent Rodgers from seeing the season through. It’s been a wild ride for Aaron on and off the field in 2021 and we don’t expect the fireworks to end anytime soon.

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