Aaron Rodgers against the 49ers.

At 38 years old, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the second oldest active quarterback in the NFL, behind only Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who turned 45 years old this week. But Rodgers revealed that he has no intentions of playing football for that long.

When asked if he could see himself playing football until he’s 45 years old, Rodgers had a very simple and blunt response.

“No, I don’t,” the Green Bay quarterback said, according to Pro Football Talk. “But happy birthday to Tom.”

To be fair to Rodgers, there aren’t many players who are still in the NFL at age 45; Brady is one of just nine players in the history of the league to remain in the league at 45 years of age, and even he came out of retirement this season to do it.

Still, this doesn’t mean Rodgers is necessarily near retirement, either. The Packers quarterback could still play six more years and still retire before he turns 45. But his decisive response indicates that he might be nearing retirement.

When Rodgers does decide to walk away from the game, he will undoubtedly do it as one of the best in his generation. The four-time MVP and Super Bowl champion is almost certainly headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame upon retirement.

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