There’s really no way around it, the Green Bay Packers got absolutely destroyed last weekend by the New Orleans Saints. It was a miserable start to the 2021 NFL season and exactly the kind of situation that Aaron Rodgers didn’t want to find himself in following his offseason of turmoil. The critics came out in full force following the loss.

The good news for Packers faithful is that one game is not going to define the season for this team. Rodgers met with reporters on Thursday to close the door on last week’s huge loss and look ahead to this weekend’s home game against the Detroit Lions. When asked if the Packers are in panic mode following their 0-1 start to the season, Rodgers made it clear that there is no panic here.

“If we’re starting to freak out after one week, we’re in big trouble,” Rodgers told reporters. “We’ve won a lot of games around here, lost a few, but you move on.”

While that might not be as iconic as the time Rodgers literally spelled out R-E-L-A-X to ease the concerns of fans worried about a slow start in 2014, the message remains the same. It’s one game in a 17-game season so there is a lot of football left to be played. And historically speaking, the Packers love beating up on the Lions in Lambeau Field, so Monday night’s game should be a prime opportunity for Rodgers and Green Bay to change the narrative.

[Matt Schneidman]

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