Aaron Rodgers

By pursuing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, it’s clear that the New York Jets think he could be a missing piece to help them get to the postseason or perhaps even make a run at the Super Bowl. But there’s another reason why they might want Aaron Rodgers: the television draw.

As NFL insider Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk points out, bringing in Aaron Rodgers will not only make the Jets an instant competitor, but it will also make the team must-watch television.

“The arrival of Aaron Rodgers will make the Jets a major draw. Their games against division rivals — Bills, Patriots, Dolphins — instantly becoming compelling. Beyond those six contests, the Jets host the Eagles, Chiefs, Chargers, Commanders, Falcons, and Texans. The Jets visit the Cowboys, Giants, Broncos, Browns, and Raiders,” Florio wrote of Pro Football Talk.

In addition to the television draw, Rodgers will bring the Jets to prominence in the media and lead to much more attention and positive conversation about the team – not to mention the ticket sales. All of this also has obvious financial benefits, too.

Obviously, the Jets aren’t making all their roster decisions based on what will put them on television or bring them attention in the media, but it certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

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