Aaron Rodgers confers with head coach Matt LaFleuer.

We all saw Tom Brady throw his tablet in frustration recently and it reminded a lot of people of the time that Aaron Rodgers did the same thing in 2015. Rodgers was watching a play on a tablet when he saw that he missed Randall Cobb for a touchdown in a game against the Carolina Panthers.

According to the reigning NFL MVP, his reasoning for chucking the tablet was different from Brady, or at least he thinks so.

“Tossed,” Rodgers said on Wednesday when asked about the time he threw a tablet. “Tossed,” he repeated.

“I don’t think I threw it hard enough for any damage to happen to it,” he added.

Brady came out later and apologized for throwing the tablet and breaking it. Knowing Brady he probably brought a new one too.

Rodgers’s funny take on the situation is actually kind of refreshing to see he doesn’t take himself or the situation too seriously.

“Tempted? Aw, s—, all the time,” he said. “Actually doing? I’ve done it once. Not the tablet’s fault, but it’s hard to remind yourself of that in the moment … I’ve tossed it to where it’s hit the ground only one time. I might’ve tossed it to one of the guys who holds onto it, but I’ve only tossed it once. And it wasn’t an intent to smash it. It was just, ‘Get away from me.”

It’s nice to know that Aaron Rodgers shows some respect for team property.


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