The 2010s featured a ton of excellent NFL running backs who had a huge impact on the current generation, but there were perhaps few better than Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell.

Peterson was best known during his time with the Minnesota Vikings, where he made seven Pro Bowl appearances in ten years with the team. Bell had the best stretch of his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, making three Pro Bowl appearances in five years with the organization.

Running back is a position where careers typically don’t end gracefully and both of them were barely hanging onto their NFL careers last season. While both seem to plan to continue their NFL journey next year, it appears that they are also pursuing a venture outside of football…against each other.

TMZ reported on Monday that Peterson and Bell are in the process of ironing out the details of a celebrity boxing match at Arena next month.

The fight will take place as part of YouTube sensation Austin McBroom’s “Social Gloves” event, which will also feature former NBA shooting guard Nick Young boxing against hip-hop artist Blueface.

Bell revealed his desire for boxing last NFL season when he announced that he had considered retiring from the NFL in order to pursue a career in boxing before signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of the year. He had been looking for an opponent for this event, and it looks like he has now found a willing dance partner in Adrian Peterson.

This news has garnered mixed reactions around the NFL world. Some are excited to see how the fight plays out between the two big-name veterans of the NFL.

Others are saddened to see that both NFL veterans are at this point of their careers and see this as a publicity stunt just for the money.

Whether it ends up being a good fight or a complete disaster, many will certainly tune in to watch this spectacle, that is, if they iron out the details and it becomes official in the coming weeks.


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