Fresh off another Super Bowl title, the very rich New England Patriots could get even richer this offseason.

According to the Boston Herald, former Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson could join the Patriots now that he has hit free agency, even if it means taking less money.

Would Peterson even consider taking a Patriots-friendly contract for a go at a ring?

A source close to Peterson told the Herald that since AP has already earned a ton — more than $97 million is his career — it’s certainly something he’d consider. Peterson knows how it worked out for Darrelle Revis and Chris Long. But naturally, there will be a lot of teams in the mix, including the Vikings. And, of course, the Pats would have to want to bring in an aging back with an injury history, not to mention baggage.

This potential move has fairly drastic pros and cons. The pros are obvious: This is Adrian Peterson. At his best, Peterson is the best running back in the NFL, with a tremendous mix of speed, finesse and power. Yes, he’s aging, but he still has the potential to be a top NFL running back if he stays healthy.

However, that’s easier said than done. Peterson missed all but three games with injuries in 2016, and he finished the season with 37 attempts. He also played just one game in 2014, when he was suspended for child abuse charges. Those charges will follow Peterson, but they have not had a major impact on his career. This is the NFL, which puts winning first, and the Vikings welcomed Peterson back even after he pled guilty to the charges.

The Patriots have a history of taking players with off-field concerns. Before he was arrested for murder, Aaron Hernandez dropped to New England in the draft because he failed multiple drug tests in college. The team took Albert Haynesworth despite his numerous legal issues and the fact that he had stomped on an opponent. They also drafted Brandon Meriweather, who was one of the main figures in a college brawl and has been involved in shooting incidents and took LeGarrette Blount, who was suspended for nearly an entire season in college for punching an opponent in the face. They also took controversial figures Chad Johnson and Randy Moss.

As much as Bill Belichick seems to hate the media spotlight, he doesn’t shy away from bringing in controversial players if they will help him win.

The latter issue is key: Is adding Peterson necessary for the Patriots? The team already has a very good two-man punch at running back in Blount and James White. They don’t need Peterson, per se. But if Peterson is available at a discount, he could add to the embarrassment of riches in Foxboro and help the Patriots become even more of a juggernaut. It just depends what that discount is.

If he fits into the budget, he could be a steal for a New England team that’s already a threat to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

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  1. That’s the million dollar question, what’s the discount? All the analysis in the world means nothing without talking numbers. Of course everyone wants to come to New England, but at what price?

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