The Atlanta Falcons had planned to launch their new look uniforms April 14 but after leaks surfaced last night, the cat was out of the bag and more and more people were seeing the new design. Since pretty much nothing else is happening in sports and their divisional rivals revealed their new look, the Falcons moved up their launch date and unveiled their new uniforms.

The first word that came to mind on these uniforms is “loud.” These are some loud designs. Loud doesn’t necessarily mean bad, but these are loud. One reason for that is the bold number font. It’s not the best font design but at least those numbers will be easier to see.

The Falcons’ home uniform looks especially sharp. The red and black gradient is an effective touch that really makes things stand out. That design may have gone better with a red Falcons helmet and give a little throwback look but there are rules about having one helmet color per season so that couldn’t happen.

Speaking of throwbacks, the Falcons brought back their traditional black uniform they had back in the 90s when Atlanta embraced “Prime Time” and reached Super Bowl XXXIII. The only problem is, the Falcons have a new black uniform which kind of takes away from the throwback. Having two designs that are similar in look screams “money grab” but you can say that about lots of other teams when it comes to Color Rush uniforms.

One thing these uniforms will probably do is they will divide opinion. These seem like designs that people will either love or hate so either way, these will get people talking.

[Photo: @AtlantaFalcons]

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