Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has been the subject of some very concerning rumors recently but wide receiver A.J. Brown is having none of it.

On Friday’s episode of the Sports Take podcast that was posted Friday, NFL reporter Derrick Gunn said he heard Hurts threw three interceptions, four incompletions, and was sacked three times in 10 consecutive plays. Former NFL offensive lineman Barrett Brooks confirmed that he heard something similar.

New Eagles wideout A.J. Brown heard that report and took to Twitter to clear up the rumors.

“That practice stuff about Jalen is fake,” wrote Brown. “Y’all tweet and believe anything. Like how can he get sacked on 7on7 and there aren’t any rushers? I believe water is above us. Believe that too and make a article about that too. This app is crazy.”

Brown then had some fun by attempting to spread some “rumors” of his own.

The Eagles don’t seem to be too concerned about Hurts and no other major news outlet has confirmed that Hurts had a terrible day at practice. Hurts has been often criticized since he left college for not being a good passer, but he seemed to have gotten better at the end of his time at Alabama and during his time as starting quarterback at Oklahoma. In fact, he was a Heisman contender.

Yet, despite that, Hurts is still looked down upon by many NFL experts as not being a great passer. Brown, however, begs to differ.


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