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The Cleveland Browns defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in a pivotal AFC North matchup on Thursday Night Football. But Amazon announcer Al Michaels is getting roasted for comments he made about suspended Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson shortly before halftime.

Amazon sideline reporter Kaylee Hartung gave a lengthy timeline of Watson’s suspension without specifically mentioning the number of women that accused Watson of sexual misconduct.

“If 230 million [dollars] guaranteed doesn’t motivate you to do the things you need to do,” quipped Michaels, “then I give up.”

The NFL world was quick to react to Michaels’ comments:

“Al Michaels managed to breezily run through “the controversial” DeShaun Watson scandal without mentioning the victims. But Michaels did say the owners are *not pleased* by Watson’s unprecedented $230 million guaranteed contract because billionaires feeling put out is the story,” tweeted Don Van Natta Jr.

“This Thursday Night Football broadcast just went through Deshaun Watson’s whole suspension timeline and didn’t mention a detail about him sexually assaulting 20+ women. And Al Michaels referenced his contract as a way to motivate him to ‘do what you need to do.’ Garbage,” said Tyler Greever.

“Hey, Al Michaels,” said David Sibley. “How about saying HOW Deshaun Watson violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy. You know, by assaulting 26 women?”

Al Michaels covered the Deshaun Watson story exactly like I expected he would and I’m still disappointed,” said Alex Czarnik.

What a truly insensitive comment from Al Michaels about the Deshaun Watson situation,” said Ashley Colley. “And yet it won’t be the last. Educate yourselves or just don’t talk. It’s so exhausting all the time.”