Do you have an extra $50 laying around? I know exactly what you can do with it: head to Houston for Super Bowl week and take a selfie with Johnny Manziel.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted Tuesday that Manziel will be offering up his ability to pose in photos during Super Bowl week in Houston. For $50, you can take a selfie with the former Heisman trophy winner, and for $99, Manziel will sign an autograph and take a professional photo with you!

Gee, is there anything I’d want to do less? $50 for a selfie? I don’t think Kim Kardashian could even charge that much. It appears that Manziel is channeling his inner Pete Rose with this cash grab.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our good friend Johnny Football. We saw him at the Heisman Trophy ceremony with Lamar Jackson, he’s being sued again and his domestic violence case is now over. But for Mr. Football’s standards, it’s been pretty quiet.

But despite Manziel becoming almost irrelevant at this point as a football player, I bet there will be quite a line to see Manziel. Just don’t think too hard about what your payment to Johnny might be going toward.

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