Andrew Luck ‘Capt. Andrew Luck’ appears on Thursday Night Football on Amazon. Credit; TNF Prime Video

Andrew Luck shockingly resurfaced during Amazon’s Thursday Night Football postgame show. The former multi-time Pro Bowler for the Indianapolis Colts then went viral after his appearance for an absolutely hilarious reason.

Luck appeared in a full costume, which drew laughter from everywhere. He showed up dressed like ‘Capt. Andrew Luck,’ which longtime NFL social media goers know too well.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Andrew Luck,” the NFL on Prime Video account posted.

The Capt. Andrew Luck Twitter account consistently drew significant attention for its posts during Luck’s NFL career. The idea behind it, simply, was that Luck was a retired soldier in wars from previous centuries. Posts would typically look like this:

They were some of the most popular posts on the site during the account’s heyday. So the fact that Luck played along with the meme makes it that much funnier.

Naturally, there were plenty of reactions to the video as it went viral overnight.

Brian Floyd, formerly of SB Nation, pointed out that it all began just as a bit for former SB Nation writer Ryan Van Bibber. “This began as a @justRVB bit and I’m never going to stop reminding the world of that, I’m so proud of him,” Floyd posted.

“Ryan Grigson should be in football jail for what he deprived us of,” Steven Ruiz said.

This was pretty hilarious, and good on Luck for leaning all the way into it.

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