Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck hasn’t played football since January 2019. However, that hasn’t stopped NFL teams from reaching out to the retired star to see if he’s up for one more go.

Luck, who retired from the Indianapolis Colts before the 2019 NFL season, was reportedly contacted by the team for a possible return before last season.

Now come reports that another NFL team kicked the tires to see if the Stanford Cardinal product might want to play once more.

Before the 2022 season kicked off, the Washington Commanders reportedly “called every team that might have a quarterback available” before they acquired Carson Wentz from the Indianapolis Colts. The Commanders also got in touch with Andrew Luck, ESPN reports.

As it stands, the Commanders have gone “all-in” on Sam Howell for the 2023 NFL season.

It’s hard to imagine Luck would have wanted to end his retirement and play for the Commanders. While he’s since said that he regrets the timing of how he retired, Luck doesn’t appear to miss actually playing in the NFL.

The 2018 Comeback Player of the Year had 4,593 passing yards and 39 touchdown passes in his final season in the league, so it’s understandable why teams continue to consider him as a possibility, crazy as it might sound.


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