Andy Dalton is clearly one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the Cincinnati Bengals franchise. Maybe the best, actually, as weird as that sounds, but the stats back it up.

He didn’t play like it yesterday, though, throwing four interceptions in Cincy’s season-opening home opener against Baltimore:

Dalton added a fumble lost to his turnover tally; unsurprisingly, the Ravens won 20-0.

That’s all very bad! Dalton’s play was well below his own standards, and while people love to mock quarterbacks like Andy Dalton and Matt Stafford for being somewhat mediocre while being paid exorbitantly, it’s important to frame it properly. Leaguewide, quarterback play is a joke. Mike Glennon is making around $18 million this season to be mocked by Bears Twitter for being, well, Mike Glennon.

And that’s not even the worst, as Tom Savage played a half in Houston before being benched for DeShaun Watson.

There are plenty more to choose from, too!

But the fans at Paul Brown Stadium didn’t have the big picture in mind after the game, when they swore at Dalton as he jogged down the tunnel. And then someone threw a hat at him:

It’s understandable to be angry after a 20-0 shellacking, but come on, guys.

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