Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a prolific and influential musical composer who created over 600 works and was a major influence on European music for centuries to come.

He was not, as far as we can tell, much of a painter.

But who are we to presume Andy Reid doesn’t know what he’s talking about? The Kansas City Chiefs head coach gathered his squad in the locker room on Sunday following a hard-fought 34-30 win over the Detroit Lions. It was a so-so game for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who failed to throw a touchdown for the first time in 14 games. The Lions had a shot to win the game in the final seconds on Hail Mary but it fell short and KC survived, however did not cover the spread according to NFL odds.

And so, as Reid rallied his troops after the tough victory and tried to drive home the important message by using a metaphor they would all understand. A metaphor about Mozart…the painter.

“Not all of Mozart’s paintings were perfect! The end result, though, is that sucker’s gonna sell for a million dollars!”

Perfect. And naturally, Twitter agreed.

The question is, did Reid mean Van Gogh? Michaelangelo? Or did he honestly think Mozart was out there painting up a storm? We prefer to assume it was the last one because we wouldn’t want Andy Reid any other way.


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