Andy Reid Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the Kansas City Chiefs run through the postseason, there were rumors that head coach Andy Reid could decide to retire from coaching following the season. But after the game, he shut down all of that talk and speculation.

Andy Reid indicated during his postgame press conference that he was planning to come back to help the team try to compete for a three-peat Super Bowl championship next year, and he gave an even firmer and more thorough answer regarding that decision the day after the game.

“I actually haven’t even thought about [retiring],” Reid said according to Pro Football Talk. “I get asked it. I’m still kind of in awe of the game and what went on there, so, I really haven’t thought why or what or anything else. But people keep asking me. I keep saying, ‘Why did [Bill] Belichick and Pete [Carroll] retire?’ Ask those old guys that question. I’m the old guy now, so I guess I’m going to be asked that. And I really haven’t gone there. I really haven’t thought about it. “

Reid is indeed getting to the age where people might expect him to start considering retirement, but it’s clear that retirement won’t be happening this year.

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