Life as a Cleveland Browns fan cannot be easy, and I say this as a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. With so many changes taking place in Cleveland (again), you can forgive Browns fans for losing their sanity hoping for the best with a high draft pick and new leadership to be placed, but at least some of them have a sense of humor.

Check out this stunningly honest promo for the 2016 Cleveland Browns put together by one loyal Browns fan…

The video was created by Browns fan Mike Polk, who has a history of poking fun at the Browns through his video skills. Here he is back in 2011 yelling at Cleveland Browns Stadium following a loss to the Houston Texans, where he rips the stadium to its face (?) and spews off many reasons why he is upset with his beloved Browns.

Later in the 2011 season, Polk returned to the outside of the Browns stadium for another rant, this time directing his angst at the rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ah yes, the life of a Browns fan.


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