Sunday, Antonio Brown shocked the MetLife Stadium crowd and TV audience by removing his jersey and shoulder pads, throwing his undershirt and gloves into the seats, and then waving before leaving the game while it was being played.

Brown had just returned to action last week following a three-week suspension over reports that he attempted to acquire fake vaccination cards. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and head coach Bruce Arians spent a lot of time defending Brown and giving him opportunities to play for them in spite of mounting evidence that he needed some help, either due to mental health issues or otherwise.

Sunday’s antics seem to signal an end to the relationship between the two though the team declined to comment for the time being, at least until the game is over.

Meanwhile, plenty of NFL folks are discussing the role the Bucs played in enabling Brown and not being realistic about what they needed to do in his best interest in order to benefit them on the field. While Brown is catching a lot of flak for walking off the field, the team and coach Bruce Arians are certainly getting a lot of heat as well for allowing the situation to get to this point.

We’ll hear from Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization after the game for sure,  but there are going to be larger questions for everyone involved beyond whether or not Antonio Brown ever plays another game for the Bucs, or any NFL team.

[Greg Auman]

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