George Pickens Mason Rudolph celebrate

It might just be the first preseason game but two Pittsburgh Steelers rookies really shined in their debuts. Quarterback Kenny Pickett went 13 for 15 and threw for two touchdowns while wide receiver George Pickens had an awesome touchdown grab against the Seattle Seahawks.

Pickens’ celebration paid homage to former Steeler Antonio Brown, who has been in the news for a lot of…reasons. Brown’s various actions, including recently sharing his biggest regret that he can’t see himself play a game live, might have been a reason for Pickens to go with that.

Brooke Pryor from ESPN asked Pickens about the celebration and he revealed that the celebration wasn’t predetermined but when he caught the TD and was thinking about what to do, with Brown “trending right now,” it was in Pickens’ mind at that moment.

Pickens got the approval of AB as the former Steelers wideout reacted to the dance.

This might cause some Steelers fans to be concerned given how Brown left the team but a touchdown dance in the preseason has nothing to do with how someone will be in the future. The Steelers got a dynamic player in George Pickens and there’s a good chance he winds up being another Pittsburgh draft success story.

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