Antonio Brown on The Masked Singer.

There’s been a whole lot of drama around the Pittsburgh Steelers since their (rather rough) season ended Sunday, particularly around wide receiver Antonio Brown and his alleged feud with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. That heated up with plenty of takes Wednesday, including Greg Gabriel posting a Hall of Fame ratio with a take on Brown’s sixth-round draft status, James Jones defending Brown on NFLN, and Skip Bayless calling Brown “more trouble than he’s worth.” And this got really funny Wednesday night when Brown was revealed as one of the contestants on Fox’s new The Masked Singer show, performing Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.” Here’s video of Brown’s performance in a hippo mask:

And here’s his removal of the mask:

Well, that’s certainly a different venue for the Brown debate. And while this may well have been pre-taped, it’s very funny that he was singing in a hippopotamus costume on national TV while pundits were arguing if he should be traded.

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  1. This I believe was taped during the Steelers bye week. Kind of ironic it winds up airing just days after the whole Brown controversy happened.

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