The Tampa Bay Buccaneers almost completed an epic 27-3 comeback Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams but were ultimately defeated by a game-winning field goal by Rams kicker Matt Gay at the end of regulation.

The offense was slow from the start from the Buccaneers, and that was to the surprise of only a few people. The Buccaneers have been short-handed at the wide receiver position for a while due to star wide receiver Chris Godwin being injured, as well as Antonio Brown’s meltdown on the sidelines, quitting on his team during the third quarter of their week 17 game against the New York Jets. 

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat on Sunday, Brown decided to take one last jab at his former team with this post, a reference to a meme that developed when he left the Jets game.

Brown has been quick to criticize his former team following his antics against the Jets, calling out everyone from Bruce Arians to Tom Brady.

While Brown just reposted someone else’s clearly edited picture in this post on Twitter, this makes it clear as day that there are certainly some hard feelings on Brown’s end from everything that went down with his situation.

Brown has remained adamant that he wants to continue his playing career in the NFL in the future, but it may be far-fetched to think that any team would want to deal with the headache that comes along with his play.

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