The rivalry between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders is one of the most fierce in the NFL. And any match-up between a wide receiver and cornerback in a given NFL game is bound to have its rough moments.

But it got ugly between Denver’s Aqib Talib and the Raiders’ Michael Crabtree on Sunday. These two guys just don’t like each other and their feud blew up early in Sunday’s AFC West clash. Helmets were taken off and punches were thrown as the two were locked up well down the Broncos’ sideline before separating and then chasing after one another around the field.

Here’s a clip of the brawl when it began getting really nasty.

As you can see in this video, the fight between Talib and Crabtree seemingly started harmlessly enough with the two locked up in a block on an Oakland running play. It escalated quickly from there.

OK, it wasn’t that harmless as Crabtree blocked Talib well down the sideline, far out of bounds, long after the play was over. And it only got worse from there.

This was hardly an isolated incident between Crabtree and Talib, however. The two were involved a previous skirmish last season that culminated in Talib ripping a gold chain that Crabtree was wearing from his neck.

Sure enough, when Crabtree and Talib went to the ground in their latest clash, Talib went for his adversary’s jewelry again.

With punches thrown, both teams getting involved, and the game being delayed, both Talib and Crabtree were ejected. As of this writing, the Raiders lead the Broncos, 14-0, just before halftime.

Will unpleasantries resume when both teams walk down the Oakland Coliseum tunnel for halftime? Security and league officials might have to make sure each team is separated by distance and a few minutes.

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