In an eight-year career as an NFL running back, Arian Foster went one-on-one with a fair number of linebackers and safeties and lived to tell the story. He is apparently of the belief that wolves would be no different.

On Sunday, the 30-year-old retiree got to tweeting, and shared his belief that he could take a wolf in a fight.

Many of Foster’s followers were immediately skeptical that the former running back could survive a run-in with a wolf, but he insisted, citing the advantage afforded by his thumbs, among other things.

But Arian, wouldn’t the wolf bite you?

But Arian, don’t wolves hunt in packs?

But Arian, wolves are vicious hunters.

Ready? Now, it gets really good.

But Arian, wouldn’t a wolf just bite you super hard and immobilize your arm?

But Arian, don’t animals know how to attack the weakest part of their prey?

But Arian, you weren’t looking so fast by the end of your NFL career.

Well, lack of fear is definitely some kind of advantage.

Yahoo Sports ran a poll asking Twitter users who would win in a fight between Foster and a wolf, and the responses were not kind to Arian.

Not that he’s deterred…

The big flaw in Foster’s gameplan heading into this hypothetical wolf fight is his belief he could just grab a wolf. More likely, his thumbs would prove useless with a vicious animal charging at him. And even if he did somehow grab the wolf, what then? It would squirm lose before Foster could land more than one punch.

This is not the first time Foster has drawn some online criticism for animal-related opinions. In 2014 Foster, then still active in the NFL, wanted you to know that your cat doesn’t love you.

You can imagine how that went over.

Arian Foster has animal takes, and he’s not afraid to share them. Watch out, wolves.

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