The Arizona Cardinals were very clearly outmatched Monday night against the Los Angeles Rams, losing 34-11 in a game that was never close from the start.

The offense struggled from start to finish, putting up only 183 yards of offense on the day with some costly turnovers throughout the game. Simply put, it was a horrible performance for Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

“It’s disappointing that we didn’t make it a game and come out and play the football we know we’re capable of playing, that’s really the most disappointing part,” Murray told reporters following the game.

The defense struggled just as much, letting the Rams get out to a hot start that the Cardinals could never recover from, despite the return of star defensive lineman J.J Watt.

“It was a massive failure, from what we were capable of doing, to what we showed we can do, to today,” Watt told reporters, “There is no other way to describe it.”

Murray agreed with Watt’s assessment, adding “Yeah, I mean I agree, I play to win the Super Bowl.” That’s the goal, that’s the mission is to win a Super Bowl, not to make it to the playoffs or go to the second round.”

The Cardinals started the season on fire, jumping out to a league-best 7-0 start to the season, but lost some steam with key injuries including losing star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Fans were certainly critical of Murray following the game, but it is encouraging to see that Murray understands that he needs to play much better in the future for the Cardinals to be serious contenders.


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