Aubrey Bridges, an 18-year-old high schooler saw a video of Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith dancing, and of course, thought he would make for a an awesome prom date.

Through WBTV‘s “Molly’s Kids” program, Smith heard about Bridges wanting to go to prom with him. Smith found it only appropriate that he ask her to prom just like anybody else would. He was able to do so, and of course, she gladly accepted the invitation.

Bridges has a rare circulation disorder known as vein of Galen Malformation, and is autistic. But that wouldn’t come close to stopping Bridges from fulfilling her dream.

Smith and Bridges looked great as they went to prom. The two clearly had a great time on the dance floor, and Smith made it look really easy to have a good time with his friendly and comfortable personality.

As if Bridges’ night wasn’t already awesome, she was named prom queen. WBTV also reports that Smith went to meet Bridges and her family earlier in the week without any cameras or anything, and brought her a pair of diamond earrings, and a necklace.

Smith also made it clear to WBTV that he didn’t want his support to seem like a one-night thing, and acknowledged her hard work. “All these obstacles that she has been through,” he told WBTV, “The high expectations her family has put on her. The fact she has met them all. That’s how we should know her. That’s the label I think she deserves. ‘Aubrey. The Girl Who Has Overcome the Challenges’. Not ‘Aubrey. The Autistic Girl’.”

Bridges’ parents were ecstatic with how much fun their daughter was able to have at the dance with Smith. “We see a new confidence we didn’t see before,” her mother Linda said.

The gesture is a really great one by Smith, and you can tell he truly took it seriously, and put forth the best effort possible.


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