Ravens Helmet Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Baltimore Ravens made Lamar Jackson their starting quarterback during the 2019 season, they’ve had a dominant offense. But it’s been pretty clear to almost any NFL fan that they have not exactly had dominant receivers. And that was especially true last season.

As highlighted by an insane stat shared by NFL reporter James Palmer of the NFL Network, the Ravens receiving corps was among the worst in the league in terms of scoring touchdowns. In fact, there were many individual players who outperformed their entire unit.

“14 players had more receiving TDs than the entire #ravens WR corps combined (7) in 2022,” James Palmer shared in a Tweet on Monday afternoon.

It’s a pretty horrible stat that illustrates just how much the Ravens’ receivers struggled last season and how desperate the team was for some help at the position. And the NFL world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.


“I’m gonna need to have the boys down in the lab run the numbers on this, but my back of the napkin math says this is not a good stat for the Ravens,” one fan said on Reddit.

“Wide receivers are supposed to catch TDs?” a Ravens fan joked on Reddit.

Obviously, the team will undoubtedly hope that the signing of Odell Beckham Jr. will help bolster the receiving corps, giving Jackson a legitimate weapon in the passing game. It’s clear that they think quite highly of him as they’ll be paying him more this upcoming season than they’ve paid any receiver since Jackson took over as the team’s quarterback.

[James Palmer]