marcus cooper-chicago bears

With seconds remaining in the first half of the Bears’ game against the Steelers and Chicago ahead 14-7, Pittsburgh lined up for a field goal that would have cut the deficit to four point.

But thanks to some extremely poor kick protection, a Bears player burst around the edge and blocked the kick right into the arms of his teammate, Marcus Cooper. Cooper grabbed the ball and started sprinting toward the end zone, with no one to stop him. Then, bizarrely, just as Cooper neared the end zone he slowed almost to a stroll, allowing a pair of Steelers to catch up to him and knock the ball from his hands and out the back of the end zone.

The play would have resulted in a safety, but the Steelers were penalized for illegal batting, giving the Bears the ball at the one yard line with time for a final play. If Chicago could just punch the ball across the goal line Cooper’s mistake would be forgotten. Instead, the Bears false started and settled for a field goal.

As Trent Green said on the CBS broadcast, players should be mandated to learn about Leon Lett’s infamous Super Bowl gaffe.

The 0-2 Bears were probably pleased to be leading the Steelers 17-7 at halftime, but it still might be a while before Cooper can live down his end-of-half mishap.


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