You would think that a Bears fan and Chicago native would appreciate a sad Aaron Rodgers lamenting a 38-3 beatdown by a relocated New Orleans Saints team. That is unless you get a bunch of reminders that the quarterback from your rival team kinda looks like you.

That’s what happened to CM Punk. The AEW pro wrestler and famous Chicago resident took to Twitter to let people know to not send him the screenshot of Rodgers at his postgame press conference and how it looks like him.

They’re not exact look-a-likes but Rodgers’ slicked back hair certainly helps.

There are two ways to take Punk’s tweet. One would be to take it literally and he’s tired of seeing people make the comparison. The other would be that Punk is employing some reverse psychology and is having a good time being reminded that a rival team lost so badly. Either way, it’s clear from yesterday that it was not clobbering time for the team in green and gold.

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