The Cleveland Browns have been a moving target for decades. Whether it’s their play, who they acquire, or how they’re run, the Browns have had a lot of humiliating moments since they returned to the NFL in 1999. Another one may have been revealed on Wednesday as a former Super Bowl Champion detailed a shocking job interview experience.

Ben Watson, a former Brown and a Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots detailed a positively ridiculous experience he had in Cleveland.

Dov Kleiman tweeted, “17-year NFL veteran, Ben Watson, recently shared that the Browns asked him if he ever smoked weed. Once he said no, the interviewer grabbed his wrist to feel his pulse and asked him again louder. ‘Worst job interview.'”

What an absurd experience. Did whoever it was that interviewed Watson ‘jokingly’ believe he wasn’t actually telling the truth about not smoking weed? Weed smoking in the NFL, and the world at large, is obviously a popular habit. Medical advancements and rampant legalization across the country, whether through medical or recreational and sometimes both, have allowed for more to use the drug.

But that doesn’t mean that everybody does, and you’re crazy if you don’t. Or, in this case, not actually alive? There’s a lot to take in from here and almost none of it is good. Or even appropriate for that kind of setting. It’s no surprise why Watson felt so shocked by it.

[Dov Kleiman]

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