Kevin Huber pulled off a great behind-the-back punt Sunday.

It’s not too often that a punter winds up on the highlight reels, but the Cincinnati Bengals’ Kevin Huber certainly managed that Sunday. In preseason action against Washington, the Bengals faced a fourth-and-22 late in the third quarter, and Huber was in position to punt. Redskins’ receiver Zach Pascal got through and was all set to block him, but Huber showed off some quick thinking, pulling it back from Pascal instead of punting, handing it around behind his back to his other hand and then taking off:

Here’s the reverse angle of that:

This was some Lucy-pulling-away-the-football level shenanigans:

The play didn’t have a great result for Cincinnati, as Huber was brought down before he could punt again, losing eight yards from the line of scrimmage and turning the ball over on downs. And the Redskins would go on to score a touchdown later on that drive, and they won 23-17. But at least Huber, a Cincinnati Bearcats’ product who’s been with the Bengals since they drafted him in the fifth round in 2009 (and a guy who made the Pro Bowl and was named First-Team All-Pro in 2014), managed to avert immediate disaster here, and make Pascal look silly in the process. And he certainly got himself on the highlight reel.


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