Okay, so let’s not beat around any bushes. This past week of the 2017 NFL season was not exactly poop your pants exciting. I mean, the Chicago Bears won a game in which their quarterback only attempted seven (SEVEN!) passes.

However, just because the excitement was lacking a bit this week does not mean there was nothing to tweet about. In fact, Week 7 might have resulted in some of the best moments from NFL twitter all year.

With that being said, let’s dive into whose tweets were among the best from this past week in professional (non-CFL) football.

Oakland gets the full Beast Mode experience

Last Thursday, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch had quite the eventful evening. First, he ended up getting ejected from the Raiders’ matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs after he shoved a referee out of the way. Then after reports of the running back leaving the stadium, photos began to surface of Lynch chilling in the stands and watching the rest of the game with Oakland’s fans.

No one can stop the wrath of Sacksonville!

For the second time this season, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ defense ended a game with 10 sacks. Yes, for the second time this season. Not in two years or five seasons, for the second time THIS season, the Jaguars’ defense could not be blocked.

Belichick obviously ordered 700 fog machines before Sunday night’s game

In a rematch of Super Bowl 51, the Atlanta Falcons faced off with the New England Patriots on Sunday night. The Patriots ended up with the win, but a thick layer of fog covered the entire field for the majority of the game making it incredibly hard for anyone to see what was going on. For the conspiracy theorists, the fog being out there was clearly a tactic used by New England to gain an advantage over the Falcons.

Broncos enjoy their first ever “home” game in Los Angeles

Now located in Los Angeles, the Chargers have not exactly been able to generate a ton of buzz around the City of Angels. Every time they have played at home this season, more than half the stands are full of the opposing team’s fans. This was once again the case on Sunday when the Chargers took on the Denver Broncos.

Not even Joe Thomas wants to stick around for this awful Browns season

As bad as the Cleveland Browns have been recently, one player has been around for every moment of the misery. Browns left tackle Joe Thomas has played in every single one of the team’s games since he was a rookie in 2007. His consecutive games streak will unfortunately come to an end next week as Thomas suffered a season-ending injury during Cleveland’s matchup with the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

Vontaze Burfict is up to his old tricks once again

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict has become known for being a bit of a dirty player during his NFL career. Burfict added to his long list of antics on Sunday when he kicked Pittsburgh Steelers fullback Roosevelt Nix in the helmet.

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