It is getting to the point now in the 2017 season where NFL fans are either laughing at their team’s constant failures or stressing out about their team screwing up a spot in the playoffs. Of course, this past week saw the Philadelphia Eagles lose quarterback Carson Wentz to a season-ending knee injury and that caused a variety of reactions from the team’s fan base.

So how did the NFL community on YouTube react to not only Wentz going down, but a number of other notable moments from around the league in Week 14?

Mother chicken on a waffle string

Monday night saw the Miami Dolphins pull off a big upset over the New England Patriots and a bunch of Dolphins fans were pumped about the result. Especially this guy, who spent his time in the video talking a mile a minute and making up new catch phrases Scott Van Pelt would be jealous of.

This might very well be the best reaction video of the year.

You still got Nick Foles

It was a pretty devastating moment for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14 when they lost quarterback Carson Wentz to a season-ending knee injury. Some are attempting to be optimistic while others are, well, acting as one would expect after their team lost the possible 2017 NFL MVP to a brutal injury.

Let me hear your mouth now, because we just beat the Seahawks

Fans of the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars actually have a good team to cheer about for the first time in a while, so their reactions to this season may be a little more over the top than others since they’re not really used to the whole winning thing. This specific video demonstrates one of these reactions that could become common for Jaguars fans over the next few seasons.

For the first three quarters, Jameis Winston was a Detroit Lion

When your favorite team has been out the playoff hunt since Week 8, the creativity has get to another level when making a reaction video so that they do not begin to sound repetitive. That is what this fan of Tampa Bay Bucanneers decided to do after his team lost for the ninth time this season when they fell to the Detroit Lions in Week 14.

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