With few games left in the season, the stress level is pretty high for fans of NFL teams still attempting to grab a spot in this year’s playoffs. Thanks to that stress level, the YouTube video reactions from fans over losses or bad calls are some of the best of the 2017 season.

So how did people take their frustrations to YouTube after what happened to their favorite team in Week 15?

Wish I wasn’t a Browns fan sometimes

As bad as the team has been in the past two decades, this season may actually be the absolute worst in the history of the Cleveland Browns. The team’s fans have done their best to keep their sanity, including this guy who has decided to pretty much face the music already and prepare for a Browns season without a victory.

We had em’ on the ropes!

This past Sunday, the New York Giants had a great opportunity to upset the rival Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, though, the Giants could not come through with a win and this New York fan was not very happy about it to say the least.

He looked rustier than a wagon left in the rain for four years

Even with quarterback Aaron Rodgers back in the lineup, the Green Bay Packers could still not find a way to get a victory over the Carolina Panthers in their Week 15 matchup. Packers fans are not normally angry during the majority of an NFL season, but this Green Bay fan knows that his team’s season is over, thanks to a rusty Rodgers.

Oh, let me add a folded sheet of paper!

Sunday night’s matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders featured a bunch of odd moments, none more so than the officials measuring a first down with an index card. The call went in favor of the Cowboys and this specific Raiders fan has the video evidence (and colorful commentary) that says otherwise.

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