Another week into the 2017 NFL season means another round of reaction videos have been published online. The emotions from some of these fans are really starting to come out and it is only Week 2.

So which YouTube users had the best (or worst) reactions to how their team played this week?

This fan couldn’t contain himself after the Cowboys loss

Right away this guy (Spunky1991) gets points for creativity. Before clicking the video, it seems like just another reaction video from a fan of the Dallas Cowboys or Denver Broncos. But once the video begins, it is revealed to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan basking in the glory that is the Cowboys suffering a blowout loss.

The Detroit Lions are two and OH!

This dude (mrbusinesssuits) is not even a fan of the Lions. But he felt the need to react to Detroit’s big Monday night win over the New York Giants. There are about 20 empty soda cans in the background and it seems like he probably consumed all of their contents before recording this video.

In Article TCB:

Happy birthday, Patrick!

I have a feeling this guy’s (shaggyshane) home smells like cigarettes and Jim Beam, but he gets immediate praise for his introduction segment that involves an actual cake. The video began with this fan of the Kansas City Chiefs breaking out a cake complete with lit candles to wish Chiefs rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes a happy birthday.

Of course, no one can really tell what he was saying thanks to the metal music blaring in the background and melting everyone’s faces off.

Somebody please give this guy a hug

After this San Francisco 49ers fan (The A-Bomb) watched his team lose to the Seattle Seahawks yet again on Sunday, his reaction seemed more like a funeral for a piece of his soul. Complete with sad music in the background and an intro featuring a bunch of crows, this is what it currently feels like to be a fan of the 49ers.

What ya gonna do, brother!?

Right from the get-go, this Pittsburgh Steelers fan (Chiseled Adonis) begins his reaction video to his team’s Week 2 win over the Minnesota Vikings like he is cutting a promo for his upcoming title match at WrestleMania. Also, take a break from talking every now and again. It really helps with the whole breathing thing.

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