During Week 5’s slate of NFL games, there was a ton for fans to react about. From the Pittsburgh Steelers getting crushed at home by the Jacksonville Jaguars, to Odell Beckham Jr. suffering a season-ending ankle injury, to Vice President Mike Pence staging a political protest of his own at the Indianapolis Colts game.

Obviously, no one on YouTube had anything to say about these events, right?

This offense was a joke today!

After sounding like the human version of Winnie the Pooh’s Eeyore for the first 40 seconds, this Pittsburgh Steelers fan erupts like a Hawaiian volcano. To his credit, Steelers fans really have no idea what it is like to lose to the Jaguars in the past decade.

Let me take this jewelry off, I think I’m going to be sick


Since a big topic of discussion this past week was how “funny” it is to hear women talk football, this Dallas Cowboys fan proves that her complaints are just as legitimate as those of the team’s male fans. She was especially mad at Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan’s play-calling on the team’s final drive.

More proof that absolutely everyone knows not to give Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers any time on the clock to drive down the field for a score. Well, everyone except for Dallas.

Odell is a human too


Odell Beckham Jr. going down with a season-ending ankle injury on Sunday was devastating for New York Giants fans everywhere. It was no different for this Giants fan, especially when she found out mid-video that Beckham needed to have surgery to repair his broken ankle.

Special celebrity rant on Mike Pence courtesy of Michael Rapaport


By now, most football fans are aware of the political stunt that Vice President Mike Pence pulled at Lucas Oil Stadium prior to the Indianapolis Colts’ Week 5 matchup with the San Francisco 49ers. Everyone has their own views on what the Vice President did last Sunday, including actor Michael Rapaport.

What is up with this background music?


It was a tough loss to endure for fans of the Detroit Lions in Week 5. Their team had a chance at the end of their game against the Carolina Panthers, but they just could not pull through for a win. This Lions fan gave his opinion on what went down while incorporating some background music that would have been better suited for an 80s porno film.

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