Donald Penn was accosted while leaving the player’s parking lot yesterday in Oakland. A fan allegedly threw a bottle at Penn’s car, prompting Penn to get out; at that point, the fan appeared ready to fight. (Again, this is an NFL offensive tackle. The fan is not that bright.)

Here’s the video:

That the video opens with the questionably tatted fan a few steps beyond the security barricade, wearing black jeans, a Raiders tank top, a black hat, arms spread wide in the universal sign for “Yes, I’m an asshole, what are you going to do about it?” should come as no surprise.

That Penn then got out of his car and took a few steps towards the fan is a bit of a surprise. (The fan removing his hat in preparation to fight an NFL offensive lineman is also hilarious.) Security guards, a police officer, and Penn’s cooler head prevailed, despite being taunted about his $21 million contract and generally belittled overall.

Penn did take two seconds to think! And here’s Penn’s wife, sharing what’s allegedly evidence the fan was indeed seeking to incite a lawsuit:

So, to recap, it’s absolutely a good thing that Donald Penn didn’t walk over, pick up the fan by his jeggings, toss him about fifteen feet in the air, then throw him around by his ankles like the Hulk did to Loki, before finishing by literally sitting on him until he cried. Definitely for the best that it didn’t happen, all things considered. But, also, I mean, Penn should just be allowed to do that now for fun, to be honest.

In closing, don’t act like an asshole, people. If you think a player is overpaid, boo away, but there’s plenty of ground between “booing” and trying to get punched in a parking lot so you can sue”, so maybe err on the side of the former.

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