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It’s not often that an NFL Draft analyst ranks a player among his top-five players in the entire NFL Draft class yet has no idea where or when he will ultimately be selected on draft night. But that’s exactly what prominent draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah is dealing with now with Texas Longhorns star running back Bijan Robinson.

This week, Jeremiah revealed that he thinks Robinson “carries less risk than anybody” and is the No. 4 prospect on his big board.

“If you say the most polarizing and intriguing player is Richardson, I would say the most consistently graded player, the most consistent evaluation of the entire draft is Bijan,” Jeremiah said according to On3. “As a player, I think he carries less risk than anybody. He’s my fourth player; I think he’s elite.”

But even though Jeremiah thinks he’s one of the top players in the draft, that doesn’t mean he knows when he will be selected considering teams don’t typically value running backs high in the draft.

“I think everybody you talk to shares the exact same opinion, and then when the conversation shifts to ‘Where do you think he’s going to go?’” Jeremiah said. “Nobody has any idea.”

It will be interesting to see where when Robinson hears his name called on draft night.