Bill Belichick doesn’t have time for silly questions. Typically a man of few words, the New England Patriots head coach had a wonderfully grumpy reaction to a reporter’s question about his team’s quarterback situation in Week 5 of the upcoming NFL season.

Tom Brady will return from his DeflateGate suspension for the Patriots’ fifth game of the season. When asked if backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo would still be the starter over Brady, Belichick responded with his trademark scowl and an annoyed “Jesus Christ” under his breath.

Thankfully, the exchange was captured on camera.

The question is certainly ridiculous. Brady is unquestionably the Patriots’ leader and still among the best starting quarterbacks in the NFL. He threw 36 touchdowns with only seven interceptions in 2015. The 38-year-old hasn’t rapidly declined as of yet.

Garoppolo might have a future as a starter in the league, but to ask if a 24-year-old who’s only attempted 31 career passes could start over a future Hall of Famer who’s led the Patriots to multiple Super Bowls and is still arguably elite is a bad question. Belichick’s response is not an indictment on Garoppolo, but an ode to Brady’s greatness. What was Belichick supposed to say? I’m surprised he didn’t rip the reporter.

Belichick’s soundbites are always incredible, but simply muttering “Jesus Christ” to such a silly question is him at his peak. And the regular season is still six weeks away. Belichick is surely dreading getting this question in one form or another repeatedly until Brady returns.

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