The New England Patriots released Cam Newton last week just hours after head coach Bill Belichick had spoken positively about the quarterback at a press conference. It was a jarring reminder that Belichick doesn’t usually say what he’s really thinking when talking to reporters.

However, the longtime Pats coach appeared on “The Greg Hill Show” on 93.7 FM WEEI on Tuesday morning and, when asked if there were any negative feelings between him and Newton, immediately shot them down and talked only in positive terms about the QB.

“I have nothing but positive thoughts and feelings for Cam,” Belichick said. “He came in here, he worked hard, and gave us everything he had. Right now, our future is going to be Mac at quarterback. So that’s where we’re going to go.”

Belichick was also asked if he had considered keeping Cam on as a backup to Mac Jones.

“Yeah, there’s always options and a lot of different things that you give (consideration), especially this time of year with so many players available before they all hit the practice squad,” he said. “But yeah, in the end, we did what we felt was best.”

And so, Bill Belichick remains very much in charge, the Mac Jones Era begins in New England and Cam Newton is currently in search of a new team. But everyone appears to be moving on and moving forward.

[Mike Reiss, Boston Herald]

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