Bill Belichick

Despite reports last week, it looks like the New England Patriots do indeed have a quarterback controversy between returning starter Mac Jones and rookie Bailey Zappe. Though Jones returned from injury to start against the Chicago Bears on Monday night, Zappe took over when he and the offense struggled.

Since Monday night’s game, in which the team lost 33-14 in embarrassing fashion, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has had several chances to clarify his starting quarterback situation. But he’s refused to give any firm answer on the matter.

Immediately after the game, Belichick was asked specifically who the team’s starting quarterback was, and he refused to answer, saying “we just finished the game.”

“That’s a hypothetical question. So let’s see where that is and what that is,” Belichick said when asked if Jones would be the starter if he’s healthy.

Belichick has never been exactly forthcoming during his meetings with the media, but given the team’s struggles, he was not getting the benefit of the doubt this time. The Patriots’ head coach got absolutely blasted for his comments and indecision.

One way or another, Belichick will have to name a starting quarterback when the team takes on the New York Jets on Sunday.