Bill Cowher Photo Credit: CBS Sports/The NFL Today

Bill Cowher didn’t mince words on Sunday. The CBS Sports analyst and Pro Football Hall of Fame coach took aim at how the Indianapolis Colts hired Jeff Saturday as their interim head coach.

Cowher isn’t the first to criticize or even discuss owner Jim Irsay and the Colts this week. He likely isn’t going to be the last either. The layers to Saturday’s hiring are too difficult to not notice. Even if it isn’t necessarily Saturday’s fault, how this unfolded created issues.

On Sunday’s broadcast of The NFL Today on CBS, Cowher weighed in. He didn’t hold back on any of his thoughts on the hiring and how it was handled.

“For an owner to hire a coach who has never been an assistant at the college level or the pro level, it’s a disgrace to the coaching profession,” said Cowher.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers coach definitely has the prowess and legitimacy to speak on the matter. And he certainly did. Cowher dressed the process and the Colts down for the way they hired Jeff Saturday. The use of the word “disgrace” doesn’t read like anything else other than disgust for the situation.

Following Cowher’s rant, the NFL world reacted. Reactions were from all around the spectrum.


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