Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow escapes a sack by Bills A.J. Epenesa. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow escapes a sack by Bills A.J. Epenesa.

The Buffalo Bills had a very disappointing finish to their NFL season on Sunday when they lost 27-10 to the Cincinnati Bengals despite having a home-field advantage. Bills general manager Brandon Beane shared his thoughts on how the Bengals are set up for success right now.

Asked if there are any trends the Bills can adopt from the Bengals in order to get over the hump, Beane offered an honest take on how the Joe Burrow contract situation has allowed them to flourish in a way that other teams, like Buffalo, can’t quite take advantage of.

“They have a good team. They right now are on the advantage of a rookie QB contract,” Beane said, via Alaina Getzenberg. “And they had some lean years and without getting too much into their build, I don’t want to suck bad enough to have to get Ja’Marr Chase. I would love to have him, but you got to go through some lean years to do that.”

It’s true that the Burrow-Ja’Marr Chase connection has been a real boon for the Bengals, but they’ve also done pretty well building up a roster that includes a lot of late-round draft picks and free agency signings, so it’s worth noting that there’s more to it than just that.

Regardless, Beane will have to figure out what pieces he needed to add in order to overcome the Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs next season.

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