When it came to today’s traditional Thanksgiving games, Bills-Cowboys was expected to be the close, exciting game while Bears-Lions was meant to be the terrible mismatch. What happened in Detroit might’ve been messy but it was a close game, what happened in Dallas was simply a beatdown.

In a performance highlighted by turnovers and missed field goals, the Buffalo Bills got a little bit of revenge on their Super Bowl rival as they took down the Dallas Cowboys 26-15.

Things started well for the Cowboys at first. Dak Prescott marched the team down the field on the opening drive to score the first TD. But when the Bills got the ball in the second quarter and scored a touchdown of their own, that was when things started falling apart for Dallas.

Ever since the Cowboys scored in the first quarter, they experienced six consecutive drives that ended in either a turnover or a missed field goal (INT, fumble, missed FG, missed FG, turnover on downs, turnover on downs) that lasted until four minutes left in the game as they got a late game touchdown.

For the Bills, they had a missed field goal of their own but they made up for it with tenacity and creativity. After fumbling a snap on fourth down, Josh Allen took it upon himself to not only grab the ball but lunge for the first down.

And then on the next play, John Brown took the reverse and threw the ball to a wide open Devin Singletary for the touchdown.

Both teams took massive risks on fourth down. For Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, this was a bit of a departure from his reputation but to his credit he did go for it when he had to. The Bills did the same thing and instead of punting while up 11 with two minutes left, they went for it on fourth and inches and converted, thus closing out the game.

Despite the Bills having the better record and the better team on this day, the Cowboys still have the lead in their division. Granted, the Cowboys fall to 6-6 but they are still up by half a game on the Eagles for the NFC East playoff spot.

As for the Bills, they move up to 9-3 and can clinch a playoff spot as early as next week. Their great season does tend to be overlooked thanks to the Patriots being in the AFC East and because of them, the Bills aren’t hosting a playoff game anytime soon. But after playing the Pats twice and the Ravens once, the Bills should be adequately tested for a playoff run.

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